At Starling Buick GMC, our GMC parts center serving Punta Gorda, FL and surrounding areas should also be your destination whenever you need OEM parts for a Buick or GMC automobile. Similarly, you should head right over to our Buick service center whenever your car needs some routine maintenance or a repair.

Power Steering Problems?

Your vehicle’s power steering system is something that will need routine maintenance and possibly a repair or two during your vehicle’s lifetime. When you bring your vehicle into our Buick service center near North Port, FL for an oil change, you should also have the condition of your power steering fluid checked. It’s a good idea to request that your system’s tie rods, belt, and ball joints be inspected at the same time. You should start scheduling annual inspections for your power steering system, just to be on the safe side.

Sometimes, power steering systems need more than some basic routine maintenance. If your system needs a more involved repair, chances are it will exhibit a sign that it requires the attention of one our factory-trained technicians.

Here are some things that indicate your system needs work as soon as possible:

  • Your power steering fluid is leaking
  • You hear whining or squealing when you turn or groaning as you’re driving
  • The steering wheel is looser or tighter than it should be or it vibrates when your vehicle is idling
  • Your car screeches when you start it

Head to Starling Buick GMC’s Service Center

If your power steering is due for some maintenance or it needs a repair, hurry over to Starling Buick GMC. To learn more about when your power steering will and might need service, contact the automotive experts at Starling Buick GMC.