Are you shopping for new GMC or Buick vehicles near Venice, FL? If so, we hope you know you’ll find all the latest models manufactured by both those brands at our location. Similarly, our GMC parts center serving North Port, FL is where you can find factory-made components for Buick and GMC vehicles. Just like you can count on us for GMC and Buick automobiles and OEM parts, our GMC dealership should be your destination whenever your car needs service.

One of the things area drivers rely on our factory-trained technicians for is to change their transmission fluid. As you probably know, automobiles are readily available with either a manual or automatic transmission. The type of transmission a given car has will influence how often you’ll need to change the transmission fluid.

Manual transmissions require fresh fluid more often than their automatic counterparts. As a manual transmission’s parts get worn down from use, microscopic pieces will end up in the transmission fluid. Once it’s contaminated, the transmission fluid won’t be able to keep the transmission’s parts lubricated, which can damage the system or cause it to fail prematurely. To prevent either of those things from happening, you should have the fluid in a manual transmission changed every 30,000 – 60,000 miles at least.

Contamination isn’t an issue for automatic transmissions, but fluid degradation is. With automatic transmissions running hotter than manual alternatives, their fluid breaks down as you accrue miles on the odometer. To ensure the fluid can lubricate your transmission’s moving parts, you should have the liquid in an automatic transmission replaced every 60,000 – 100,000 miles.

If your car is due for a transmission fluid change, bring it into our GMC service center near Sarasota, FL. To learn more about transmission fluid and when it should be changed, contact or visit Starling Buick GMC.